Add An Adoptable Cat OR Dog To Your Next Virtual Meeting

Add Dog To Virtual Meeting: The Covid-19 pandemic has made Virtual Meetings the only way to practice social distancing while running a business. It doesn’t still come close to face-to-face interactions. But to curb the spread of this virus, businesses and organizations need to adhere to this change.

To spice things up, MARL (Michigan Animal Rescue League) has decided to bring in animals to make the calls more lively. Being faced with the effect of the pandemic, MARL has launched a fundraiser to help adoptable dogs and cats under their care.

They do this by allowing you to invite animals to join your Virtual meetings. Though contributing little or no business ideas, having animals watch you on the call will make the call exciting.

A dog in a virtual meeting: Add Dog To Virtual Meeting

Donating $50 gets you 15 minutes of “animal time,” while $100 will get you 30 minutes. MARL believes this idea will help raise money to tend to all the animal’s needs while still raising awareness of animals looking for a home.

Many dogs and cats are available, but you should schedule an appointment for proper preparations. At the beginning of the call, a MARL member will adequately introduce the cat or dog, then leave it to the animal to handle the rest. These animals are not perfect video call users, but they can guarantee a smile or two during the meeting.

“Animals bring joy into people’s lives, and we wanted to bring a little bit of that joy into all of the video calls that are happening right now,” said Audrey Blaylock, the MARL communications manager.

Add Dog To Virtual Meeting

Preparing To Add Dog To Virtual Meeting For The Calls

MARL staff are currently teaching the dogs and cats proper video call etiquette. Cats and dogs are naturally unpredictable, especially when new to a shelter. Nevertheless, MARL promises they will grace the virtual meeting with adorable gestures.

Many families have chosen to adopt animals during these trying times. And a fair amount of people have surrendered their animals too.

So, every fund generated will go directly to the dogs and cats at the shelter. To stay afloat during this crisis, MARL needs more donations than ever now.

Add Dog To Virtual Meeting

“During this crisis, we continue to take in abandoned and at-risk animals,” said Blaylock. “We have taken significant precautions to keep our staff and community safe. But we are still here for those animals who have nowhere else to turn.”

Add Dog To Virtual Meeting

The has been a great demand for these services since MARL launched it. If you are interested in adding a cat or dog to your next video call, visit MARL’s official website site to book a pet. These cute animals will make your home entertaining.